Loving Savior Preschool provides a loving, nurturing, God-centered learning experience for children ages 2 to 6.


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Our Statement of Philosophy

We Believe . . .

  1. Early childhood education is an integral part of the ministry of Loving Savior.
  2. Early childhood education is a ministry to families of young children.
  3. The young child is a gift from God and learns best about God’s world through experimentation and exploration.
  4. Each child is unique and we encourage his/her self-esteem and individuality.
  5. Children learn best through play and by developmentally appropriate activities provided as an avenue for learning.
  6. Early childhood education provides a warm and loving Christ-centered environment where a child can develop to his/her fullest potential physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.
  7. Early childhood education is a joint ministry that involves the congregation, the community, the staff, the family, and the child.

Our Purpose

Loving Savior of the Hills Lutheran Preschool provides an experience-rich environment where young children can explore and learn about Jesus and his love, themselves, and the world around them. We do this by focusing on five areas of development:

Spiritually By learning about God’s word.

Intellectually By providing challenges at each child’s developmental level without the pressure or fear of failure.

Emotionally By helping the child develop a positive self-concept by accepting with love, warmth, and praise each child as God made him/her.

Socially By encouraging each child to think and act for himself/herself as well as to live in harmony with others.

Physically By providing activities and play to enhance development and coordination.

Loving Savior Preschool

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